Antique Trove

Antique Trove

Sometimes what you know to be the truth is nothing but an elaborate lie.


Azilia’s life is turned upside down when her grandmother leaves her an old antique shop in her will, forcing her to run the musty old store for two years or lose her inheritance.

Reluctant to accept her inheritance, she is given a letter written by her grandmother that changes the stakes—and Azilia’s life forever.



It felt like hours had passed when the pounding of her heart finally simmered to a steady beat. She dared to open her eyes again and screamed. Directly in front of her stood an enormous reptile with wings. With a snap of its jaws, it lowered its head and glared at her. What the hell? Is that a dragon? This is not happening.


Dazed, she began to climb out of the chest. If she stepped clear, she would be back in her grandmother’s shop, right?

“This is a dream. It is not real,” Azilia muttered.


“This is no dream,” the dragon said.


She must have lost her damn mind. Even though she was out of the chest, the hallucination was still there. She held her hands, palms out, in front of her body and took a careful step back. The last thing she wanted was to be this creature’s lunch. “Okay. Now I know for sure I am dreaming or going crazy. Talking dragons?”


“You have finally come home,” the dragon spoke again.


“Home?” Oh, my God. I am actually answering the beast.


She calmed down a bit. The dragon did not seem as if he wanted to gobble her up. It was actually quite beautiful with its shiny blue, purple, and red scales. But in all honesty? A talking dragon? And where in the gods’ names was she? This is just another one of my stupid nightmares.


“No nightmare. I assure you I am very real.”


Her eyes widened, and her jaw went slack. Seriously? The damn creature is answering what I am thinking? She felt kind of silly as she made a V with two fingers. “Peace…” Her voice came out like a squeaky little mouse.