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Initiation Genesis


Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 7


Starting anew on an alien planet, is no mean task—especially if that planet is rife with magic, shapeshifters, dragons, not to mention a fallen evil god, and a villainous sorcerer.


Now that the king and queen have granted the people from Earth their own realm, Bernie Henderson has been elected to rule it and oversee the building of their new city.


Zohmes and Odoxon have not given up. Bernie finds himself immersed in the trials and tribulations of Ierilia. How will this affect his budding interest in Julia, the mother of Zohmes’ son?



The Lion's Stowaway


A novella based in the Ierilian world to be part of an anthology coming in September from eXtasy Books, with Viola Grace and other authors.

Rule number one of a stowaway… Always blend in.


At least that is what Isabella had planned to do when the Initiation Two landed on Thauro. But how is a girl supposed to blend in when she wakes from stasis to find herself alone on an alien planet? With no trace of the ship or crew in sight, she is forced into thievery to survive.


Rule number two of a stowaway… Don’t get caught.


Aliens don’t come in sexy packages that make your skin prickle and your heart skip a beat. And they sure as heck don’t shift from lions into humans. Do they? She is hallucinating or…the ship had crashed, she’s dead, and this is Heaven.


Tabeka's Revenge


Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 8



Infinite Fury


Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 9


Symbols Of Darkness


Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 10




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